Congratulations you have completed steps 1 - 6 we our goal was to help you gain some confidence by earning a few hundred dollars and experiencing how easy it is to share our products using social media.

Now our goal is to help you build a team so you can build a leveraged income. A leveraged income means that you can earn on a team of people that you build rather than just on your own efforts. 

Nu Skin VISION is to become the world’s leading opportunity platform. Competing with Uber, Airbnb and even Amazon SMB


Our Velocity compensation plan is by far the most lucrative compensation plan in the world. In fact Nu Skin has created more millionaires with their compensation plan than any other company in the world. .


Velocity made smiple

In this short video you will learn how to earn each stage in the velocity compensation plan.

I would rather have 1% of 100 peoples efforts than 100% of my own.
— - John Paul Getty the world's first billionaire