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Congrats again on getting your launching your business with your first post. Let’s now get underway for your next post – Your Last Call Post!!

👏 This LAST CALL Post tells people that you are serious, that you do actually have an order going out. It’s the “DEADLINE” for everyone to Take Action. Typically, this post would be uploaded to your Facebook wall TWO DAYS after your initial Whitening Toothpaste Post. This post creates such a buzz and deadline, creating a sense of “I don't want to miss out"... "I need to order NOW".

📍 Note: Depending on demand – if you are experiencing loads of comments you may delay this post by a day or so, while you continue replying to people’s comments, just bear in mind the order date that you set.


1️⃣  WATCH VIDEO above as it gives you some helpful tips and advice.

2️⃣ CAREFULLY READ through each post on this page. Please don’t reinvent the wheel. We have had 1,000’s of affiliates achieve success by using our strategies.

3️⃣ COPY n’ PASTE one of the Word Tracks below & adapt to your personal writing style; keeping the essence of the track.

4️⃣ ADD 2 PICS - Download & attach to your post maximum TWO photos – we suggest a B&A and something FUN (a range of images are provided further down this page).

5️⃣ Remember to review the Posting Rules.

6️⃣ BEFORE YOU POST, take a SCREENSHOT of your post, or copy n’ paste your post, to YOUR SOCIAL COACH/SPONSOR to ensure your post is correct. It’s easy to overlook subtle things that will make or break your post.

And once you have posted, you can then move onto the next step which is all about how to place your order with Nu Skin. And if you haven’t already, please download this Excel sheet so you can keep track of all your orders. Note, there are 2 tabs in this document.

Please upload this to google doc’s and share this form with your coach.


Here is an example of a great Last Call Post. 
The Word Track is simple and to the point, but also with a bit of FUN! Attach ONLY 2 images – you don’t want to bombard your audience with lots of photos or start to look ‘salesy’.

Now, it’s your turn! Simply follow the instructions and the sample Word Tracks below to create your own post. And have FUN!!

Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 11.50.32 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 7.09.50 PM.png


Choose ONE Word Track and, yes of course, you MUST amend it so that it sounds like you. Don’t forget, you can also start from scratch and create your own, just make sure the message is clear – it’s your LAST CALL, before you place your order!


🚀 Example ONE:

OMG!!! The response has been sooooo overwhelming 😍 So many people want to try this whitening toothpaste from my post yesterday. I'm ordering tomorrow afternoon 📩 you don't want to miss out.

🚀 Example TWO:

WOW!! Yesterday I shared about how I've actually found an AMAZING whitening toothpaste that WORKS! I am so hooked and needed to share it with you (too great not too) AND you know what's even better, because I'm health and body conscious;
❌ No Peroxides
❌ No Bleach 
✌️ Removes Stains
🍷 Restores Whiteness 
👏 Dentist Recommended
👶 👦 👧 Child Friendly
Anyway have had heaps of messages! Who knew so many of my friends are wanting whiter, brighter smiles!! So just in case you haven't messaged me yet, don't miss out, I'm placing an order tomorrow!
Here's a pic 🙌 😳

🚀 Example THREE:

Last Call! THIS IS THE BEST toothpaste ever! Can't believe so many friends are wanting WHITER BRIGHTER SMILES. 
Anyone else who wants to try it?  I'm ordering tomorrow and I can hook you up with some. 👌🏼


🚀 Example FOUR:

This is INSANE!!! I’m AMAZED by the results from this simple oral care product that my friend introduced me too, AND the comments from all of you wanting to know more from my previous post. So here are the details I shared before in case you missed it, or needed a reminder ...
🚫No bleaches, no peroxide or harsh chemicals ⚗️
🚫No sugar 🍭
🚫Not damaging to enamel ⚒
🚫Gluten Free
✅Gentle on sensitive teeth 😬
✅Safe for children & pregnant woman 👼🏼
✅Removes wine, coffee, & nicotine stains 🍷 ☕️ 🚬
✅Whitens caps & veneers 😁
✅ 8 Patents and Dentist Recommended
✅ Great vanilla taste 😋
✅ Way less $ than Whitening Strips and far superior
✅ Eliminates plaque and prevents cavities
👍This patented formula contains a gentle mineral derivative that helps to remove build up! Clinical studies showed a dramatic 63% change in brightness!
If you would like to know more, get in touch asap.
I'm placing an order TOMORROW, and I'd hate for you to miss out!


Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 7.09.56 PM.png

Pick a Meme, & A ‘Before and After’ pic’s

Choose a FUN Meme to post alongside a before and after pic. Save to your phone or computer then upload to Facebook. You can have a bit of fun here - get creative if you wish.
Just remember NOT to make it salesy, just BE YOU. 🙋🏻

And now choose a B&A picture.

Choose a different image than you used in your first post, save it to your device and then upload it to Facebook.

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 7.10.02 PM.png


When a user visits Facebook, there are thousands of potential posts that might be displayed in their News Feed. The sophisticated algorithm takes these posts and arranges them according to how likely the user would be to interact with the content. That’s the basic theory, at least.

Therefore you should tailor ALL your content to promote positive engagement or what Facebook has defined as ‘meaningful interactions’. These active signal are: Comments, Replies, Likes, Shares.

Best Practices:

  • Post once a day - don’t compete against your own posts. If you put up more than 1 post a day, the subsequent posts will get 60 less viewer clicks. So no more than 10 posts per week. If you want to a post twice in a day you want to spread it out with 6-8 hrs gap between each post, otherwise use FB Story for all your extra’s.

  • FB wants genuine posts and likes interaction. The algorithm picks up any ‘copy and paste’ text and images. Therefore it is very important to PERSONALISE any text by at least 10% of the original post, and download clean images so that your post are FRESH & NEW.

  • Visual content goes hand in hand by garnering 87% more engagement. That’s why each and every post should be accompanied by some sort of visual, be it an selfie, .gif, or an otherwise eye-catching image. Also consider simple videos created from Facebook’s very own Boomerang app, these loop-style videos can be created in mere seconds. Facebook video’s such as Lives earn 135% more reach than posts with only an image.

  • 62% of FB users become more interested in a product, a brand, a person, a business, after they see them pop up in a FB story.  So if you are using Facebook’s Story, you can share more in there but save any premier posts to your Facebook Wall, and use the rest in your Facebook Stories.

  • Don’t send people away from your post with a link. Get people to ask for it, or put it in the comments below. When you put a link in your post FB doesn’t like it as they want them to stay within FB and not leave it.
    If you want to put your Facebook Messenger Username personal link in your post, that is fine as it is still within Facebook. (ie. m.me/YourFacebookName).
    This is handy for people who aren’t ‘friends’ with you, by clicking on this link it will take them directly to the personalised message instead of your message being unknown and hidden in FB’s Filtered Messages box.

    Your posts are not shown instantly – sometimes it can take 48-72hrs later for people to see it, this is due to the sheer volume of posts going through Facebook, so people will still engage in your comments even if it is a few days late.

  • Go back and respond to a great post a few days later, by replying to someone’s comment and ask them a question.  When they ENGAGE it means this post will be re-vitalised and will then be seen by more of your friends.

  • Avoid using fishing for engagement, also known as Click Baits or Engagement Baiting - for example words/terms like….“If you are interested comment below”.
    This will kill a post.  If they are interested they will comment you don’t need to state the obvious. Below are some examples of words/terms not to use, and recommended words.


🔥 WORD’s to USE:

Facebook Loves: Congrats, XOXO, Happy Birthday, You can do it.

🚀 Get it while you can
🚀 Learn why
🚀 Remarkable
🚀 Would you try this?
🚀 Would you ever…
🚀 Things to note
🚀 Proven
🚀 Please
🚀 Tell me / us
🚀 Drop me a note to try
🚀 Give me a buzz
🚀 Drop me a line.

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 7.23.53 PM.png


🔥 HOT TIP - Your goal is to get as many comments as you can. The following tips can help you create CURIOSITY so people keep asking questions which will BOOST your posts VISIBILITY. The more comments you get the more Facebook will spread your post.

1️⃣ Ensure your post is set to ‘PUBLIC’. This will ensure you have the largest audience and are not blocking anyone from seeing what you are doing.
(If you are unsure how to do this – refer to google ‘Private to PUBLIC on Facebook’.

2️⃣ Check you HAVEN’T MENTIONED Nu Skin or AP24 in the text, or included any photos with Nu Skin or AP24 branding showing. This is to CREATE CURIOSITY as the aim is to achieve as many comments & questions as possible.

3️⃣ Check you HAVEN’T MENTIONED the PRICE. This is to CREATE CURIOSITY as the aim is to achieve as many comments & questions as possible.

4️⃣ Ensure you haven’t used Click-Bait words that could effect your reach to your audience.

5️⃣ Don’t make it look or read like a sales pitch – you are just sharing to friends about an awesome product, so don’t use memes/images stating things like ‘Selling Fast’, etc.  This is also against Facebook’s policy.

6️⃣ A SUCCESSFUL post will consist of 4 parts; Your Story, The Benefits. The Call to Action, and 2 pictures. So if these are all present in your post, it sounds like you are all good to go.

Take a SCREENSHOT or copy n’ paste it in Messenger, and send it to your sponsor/social coach prior to posting so they can give you feedback as well. 

Don'ts example - Step 1 TP Post.png

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 7.24.00 PM.png



Whatever time you choose to post, ensure you are available to respond to people’s comments. It’s particularly important to get about 10 comments happening within the first 30-40 minutes of your post going live. So ensure you respond to all comments during this time.

The below times are suggestions only. Your audience, might consist of mainly mums who don’t work, therefore the lunch-time wave may not be as effective, but perhaps 2.30pm onwards works as they are online while waiting at the school gate to collect their kids. However, don’t over think it too much.

7.00am – Captures people on their phone while on their way to work or starting their day.

11.30am – 12.30pm - to capture the lunch wave.

7.30pm – 8.30pm – this will catch people after work and into the evening when they start relaxing and catching up on social media.

Friday afternoon/evening is generally a slow time, as well as Saturday evening so we advise not to post then.

Also consider oversea’s timezones if a large part of your audience lives in another country. Not a great idea, if you know it’s the middle of the night where they all are.


ALWAYS REACH OUT to those FRIENDS who LIKED your post and extend the invitation to purchase.  It’s common to get 3 - 4 times more likes than comments. So many of our affiliates have found their best customers came from LIKES, so be sure to followup.

🚀 Example:

Hi xxxxx, how are you?
{add something short and personal to them - ‘great seeing you last week at the BBQ’, ‘wow, it’s been ages since we’ve caught up’, etc}.

I noticed that you liked my whitening toothpaste share.  Thanks for your support 😁

I know sometimes people see a post while ‘on the go’, and plan to respond later. So I just wanted to check in with you and see if you are wanting to try this amazing whitening toothpaste too?

I’m placing my a bulk order in a couple days. Let me know if you want a tube or 2, and I will make sure to include it my order. {add day for deadline}.

You will love it 😁

PASSWORD FOR STEP 3, Ordering = steps


CONGRATULATIONS you can now progress to Step 2. What you will learn in Step 2 often will double your results from Step 1. For example if you sold 10 tubes of AP24 in Step 1 you may get an additional 10 by following Step 2.

Please contact your sponsor/social coach NOW so they can guide you through Step 2 - Last Call

Remember STEPS 1 - 5 are designed to help you earn $300 - $500.  

STEP 1, is designed to take your earnings up to $1000.  And for those who qualify, STEP 7 (OUR SECRET FORMULA), which will teach you how you can build team and leverage your income to $1000 - $10,000 a week or more.