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WAHOO🎉 Time to place your 1st order  📦

This third step is all about placing Your First Order – so no posting needs to be done here.

Did you know ❓ 
Coca-Cola only sold, on average, 9 bottles a day in their 1st year! That’s only 3,285 bottles of Coke.
They started small and now sell over 1 billion servings a day.

Why do we mention this? Imagine what is possible for you! You are now on your way to building a very profitable side gig or even replace your families income.  🎉 🎉

This page explains WHAT TO DO now that you have orders.


1️⃣  WATCH VIDEO above as it gives you some helpful tips and advice.

2️⃣  CAREFULLY READ through this page to learn how to place your (BULK) order online.

3️⃣  DOWNLOAD Nu Skin’s My Store app, if you haven’t already done so - this will help you get product to your oversea’s customers.

4️⃣ Ensure Nu Skin has your bank details to GET PAID.

5️⃣ Plus IDEAS for great Customer Service.

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 7.09.50 PM.png


At this point, your customers will have been given the payment details to direct debit the funds for the toothpaste and shipping cost to you.

2017-09-14 17.17.44.jpg

📍 Note: It’s your choice to include them in your bulk order if they have not yet paid you for the toothpaste. And if this is the case, send them a friendly reminder. And when their money arrives, then include them in your next batch order. You’re running a business after all 😇

1️⃣ Log in to your Nu Skin website account.

2️⃣ Click on the Shopping Bag - top right of screen, then type in "AP24 Whitening Toothpaste" in the shopping cart search.
‼️ Remember in some countries you can order the Non-Fluoride version as well so make sure you order correctly.

3️⃣ Add the number of toothpastes you need to your ADR CART. ✅ Tick the ADR option.

🌀 EXAMPLE: Mary, based in New Zealand, orders online 25 x AP-24 Whitening Toothpastes utilising the ADR option (Auto Delivery Rewards). The total comes to approx. NZD$370.00, and she earns Rewards Points of NZD$74.00. The following month when Mary places a new order, Mary decides to use these Rewards Points to order 5 FREE toothpastes. Mary then sells these for 100% profit, which earns her an additional NZD$120.00 💰

💎 THEREFORE, the BEST WAY TO ORDER, is through YOUR OWN account at MEMBER’S price using the ‘ADD TO ADR CART’ option (with ADR you get 20% back off everything you purchase).

4️⃣ Purchase the order using YOUR card details and postal address; have the toothpastes directly SENT TO YOU. Once they arrive to you, you will then send them out to your customers via post or whichever courier you choose. This may seem like a little extra work at first, HOWEVER, this way, you will earn larger commissions long term.

5️⃣ And finally, after the order has been processed, ensure that the following month you AMEND the quantity (and products) on your ADR, otherwise you will receive the previous months’ order again!
📍 Mark the date in your diary/calendar, so you don't forget. You can add and subtract items (over 250 Nu Skin products) on your monthly ADR order online as well as allocating products as a regular or a ‘one-off’ on your ADR.

💎 If you have any questions please contact your sponsor/ social coach, or Nu Skin directly, as they are there to help you.


⏩ Purchase half a dozen or more toothpastes to have on hand. You will likely have spur of the moment sales, so you can on-sell straight away to friends if they ask in person, late payers, or for people who have forgotten to order before your ‘deadline’.

⏩ Have a look online, you may find 1 or 2 products you might like to try yourself, and by adding them to the shopping cart you will save shipping costs later. Popular social products include our Glacial Marine Mud, Curl & Lash Mascara, Bronzing Pearls, Lip Plumping Balm and Contouring Lip Gloss 💋.. to name just a few 😃

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 7.09.56 PM.png


Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 12.02.44 PM.png

🌎 Here is the SIMPLE steps to place an order for overseas.

📌 As we mentioned earlier, Nu Skin ONLY ships within each country. i.e. The Australian office only ships within Australia, and the USA office only ships within the USA, etc. 

1️⃣  Download My Store app to your iphone or android.

2️⃣  Follow the simple steps to set it up - you will need your Nu Skin ID #.

3️⃣  BEFORE you can send the offer to the person you need to know what product(s) they want and the quantities.

4️⃣  Create a new offer (bottom of screen), enter the person’s name, select the country that person is in, etc.

5️⃣  You can PERSONALISE the message that will be sent to them, as well as the thank you message they receive once the order has been placed by them. Depending on the platform you select to send this link you may also be able to include a short video message as well.

⏩ The front screen will show you a summary of your recent offers and their status. Next to their names the status bar will turn blue in part - from when they open the offer, and when they complete the order…

💰💰 To summarise, their credit card is charged by Nu Skin for the full retail amount (or less any discount rate you may have selected) and Nu Skin will ship directly to them. 
Nu Skin will then pay you the profit margin of that sale. This will show up in your Nu Skin Wallet the following day and a notification is sent to you advising of the funds you have earned. Each week Nu Skin will deposit any monies earned for that week into your bank account that you have provided. 👏👏

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 7.10.02 PM.png



📝 Ensure that you have provided Nu Skin with your bank account details.

Each market has different policies - in USA & Canada bank details are entered online while registering as a Brand Affiliate. In Australia & New Zealand, the EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) form needs to be completed and sent in.
If you are unsure what to do for your country, then try the following;

  • Ask your social coach.

  • Login to Nu Skin’s website, select your country, click on the profile image top right and select ‘OFFICE’. Then down the Dashboard list on the left, click on Document Search at the bottom. There might be a sectioned titled FORMS: to submit in your biz. The EFT form or whatever form is required for that country should be there. Do not concern yourself with any other forms at present.

  • Or check with your Nu Skin Account Manager, in your region, to confirm if you are still unsure of the procedure.

This is important so that Nu Skin can PAY YOU directly in YOUR bank account  😁 👍

💰 Retail profits are paid out weekly and any bonuses and commissions are deposited in your bank account the 15th of every calendar month, for the previous month.

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 7.23.53 PM.png


Here are some ideas to help you; to show your customers that you appreciate them doing business with you and to make it a fun shopping experience for them!

❓ So how are you going to stand out? ❓

We encourage people to send personalised cards or notes with the product delivery. 
✍🏻 In the note, it could be a simple THANK YOU, or you could SUGGEST A TIP like "take a before picture so we can keep track of your improved bright white smile" 📷 

We encourage you to gift wrap the products. 🎀 . This might seem like a lot of work, however the goal is to create a raving fan that brings you more customers and/or chooses to partner with you!

In the 5th Step: Unboxing & Delivery, we will give you some ideas of what you can write in a card, on a tag, or in a note.

Until then, think about how you want to be known and what experience you are going to give your customers.

🔥 HOT TIP: Take photos, like below, or even a stack of parcels ready to go to the Post Office...It's a great idea to build your own library of images that you can use in your future posts.

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 8.02.23 PM.png

STOP ⚠️ before you go ANY further…


Have you taken a BEFORE photo of your own teeth yet?

Yep, let’s not forget about your own testimonial and even your family’s.

And we all know, that as soon as your package arrives full of AP24’s (if you haven’t already tried it), you will want to brush your teeth straight away!

📷 So let’s take a moment and do a quick selfie 😁 😁

🚩 Make sure it’s in focus AND you are in a good light, as you will want to replicate the same lighting (same time of day helps) when you take your AFTER photo(s).

🔥 HOT TIP: For amazing results don’t forget to use a DRY brush when brushing, then use water to rinse afterwards.




A HUGE congrats to YOU for placing your 1st order!! You are set for Success! It’s super exciting, isn’t it?

We bet you can’t wait for your parcel to arrive in the next few days!

Time to head over to the 4th Step. See you there!

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