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Welcome to to our ProveN 6S System

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This SUCCESS SYSTEM - which we have named ‘6S’ is our proven method on how to earn online.


To begin, if you haven’t already, please check out the above video to familiarise yourself with our steps as we have big plans for you!

Also attached is a PDF for you to print off and fill in so you know you have done everything. Please go over this with your coach so they know what outcome you want to achieve.

We have created these steps to initially get a taste for how our system works by helping you earn $300 - $500 in your first 7 - 10 DAYS. Our ULTIMATE GOAL of teaching you our strategies is so you can then become, if you wish, a trainer/coach and TEACH HUNDREDS of AFFILIATES and earn $1,000’s more a week. Our Affiliates around the world have used our strategies to earn millions of dollars collectively.

For these steps to work all you need to do is COPY, PASTE and PERSONALISE. 

Steps 1 - 5 should take 7 - 10 DAYS and are designed for you to earn $300-$500.  
Step 6 is our MAGIC FORMULA to help you reach $1000.  

Once you complete Steps 1 - 6 which includes our secret weapon, then you can progress to our bonus step - BUILD A BUSINESS, where you can earn upwards of $1,000 or more per WEEK.

Please Note:  

These steps are designed to follow in sequence, building upon one another. At the end of each step you will find a password to access the next step. Please don’t jump ahead, just do one step at a time.

The person who introduced you, we refer to as your social coach and they are there to help you to as they have done completed these steps as well.

Below we have also provided links so you can download documents. You will also find more tools and helpful information to download throughout these steps so please ensure you utilise these.

So just to recap, on each page there is a very short video to watch, the instructions for each step and if required, links to documents for you. Let’s get started, first by watching the above video, then by clicking below to enter Step 1’s password for the next video and information.

Password is: simple